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pink and yellow cake decorated with circular biscuits and mini meringues

Are you looking for high quality cake making tools and advice?

Find the cake decorating supplies you need to make just what you want!

At Novelties in Luton we love cakes, whether we're making them or helping you to make them! If you love cakes as much as we do then we will do everything possible to help you create the best cake you can. We stock an enormous range of speciality cake making tools from boards and boxes to gorgeous decorations and enhancements.

If you are looking for a guiding hand then why not ask? We love offering advice and assistance. If you're trying to create a new look, we will offer you just the guidance you need. Visit our shop in Luton today.

Find just what you need

Our cake making tools include:

• Cake boards

• Cake boxes

• Cupcake boxes

• Sugar paste

• Wide range of cutters, and sugar craft tools

• Cake decorations

Are you looking for professional decoration for a homemade cake? We will create a decorated sugar plaque to turn any cake into a personalised celebration, ideal for any event.

If you feel it's better to leave it to the professionals on this occasion, take a look at some of our wedding cakes and celebration cakes.

pug themed cake

"The girls are always very helpful."

Steve S

2 tier white cake with floral patterns

For cake making tools and much more, get in touch

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